Many factors, such as environment and experiences, help shape our personalities and perspectives. For us to be authentic individuals, we must dig deeper into the things that influence our beliefs and make us who we are; we must question them, we must extend our horizons. ​

Beyond Bounds, a social blog, covers various topics that help alter one’s perspective and promote personal growth. Not only that, it aims to bring people with shared interests together, to build connection and share knowledge.



Lebanese. Student. Lifelong Learner.

As someone who values knowledge and human connection, I’ve always been fond of exploring new ideas and learning different perspectives. I created a blog to share the knowledge and experiences that I think that are worthy of passing along, in hopes of creating a little community that brings people together.

Let’s think together and share ideas to become more familiar of the things that make us who we truly are, not whom we think we are. It’s about time we have an open mind, and see things from a different perspective.

Best, Carla