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Understanding Therapy

After a thorough conversation about his inability to understand why he doesn’t feel connected to his partner three years into the relationship, I suggested that he considers seeing a therapist. He paused, took a minute to gather his thoughts. “Do I look like I’m mentally ill?”, he scoffed. Clearly, he did not understand what therapy […]

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Ted Bundy: Justifiable Death Penalty Case

Evil, deceptive, and manipulative. Former social worker and political campaign activist. On the FBI’s most wanted list. Convicted of dozens of sex killings in Washington State, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. More than 20 young women beaten, strangled, abducted, bludgeoned, raped, sexually mutilated, and sexually molested. Serial killer. Ted Bundy. The FBI defines a serial killer […]

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Psychobiotics: Treating Depression Using Gut-Brain Relationship

Depression is a major concern, as it greatly adds to the burden of disease on a global scale. According to World Health Organization (2018), there are more than 300 million depressed individuals of all ages and the numbers are expected to increase. Thus, effective treatment methods for major depressive disorder should be a priority. There […]

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When Leaving is Not an Option

You enter the relationship looking for a deep connection and a lifelong partner to love unconditionally. Little do you know, the so-called love he offers you turns into possessiveness.