When Leaving is Not an Option

You enter the relationship looking for a deep connection and a lifelong partner to love unconditionally. Little do you know, the so-called love he offers you turns into possessiveness.

It’s Not Love, It’s Loneliness

When we’re lonely, we are quick to look for someone to fill the void. We forget about the terms and conditions and priorities we’ve originally set, and settle for anyone who makes us feel less empty. Loneliness can easily play tricks on you and convince you that you are in love with the person, when in reality, you are in love with the idea.

Being Strong in The Eyes of an Insecure Man

Strong women are perceived as “too much” by men who are struggling to find their place in this world. Due to their inability to keep up with self-sufficient women, they reject strong women and prefer more submissive ones. This can have negative consequences on strong women, as some of them feel the need to adjust themselves to feel “normal”.

Silence is Brutal When You’re Looking for Answers

Communication is one of the most essential factors that keeps a relationship together, for it builds a strong bond between partners. It serves many purposes; we need to communicate to deal with our differences, to express our emotions, to know where we stand with each other, and to be on the same page when it comes to…

The Walls We Build

Whether we’ve been hurt before or not, we typically seek to avoid all sorts of damage to our precious hearts. We stay away from things that could potentially cause us to suffer. There are different ways to do that, but we almost always go for the easily attained shield – the emotional wall. We build it around ourselves to feel protected and secure, eliminating the possibility…