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What it Means to Be Happy

If there’s something that we all have in common as humans, it’s our search for happiness. We go above and beyond to make sure we reach that point where we can finally say that we’re happy. But in most cases, we do not even know what that even means. There is a common misconception that […]

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Understanding Therapy

After a thorough conversation about his inability to understand why he doesn’t feel connected to his partner three years into the relationship, I suggested that he considers seeing a therapist. He paused, took a minute to gather his thoughts. “Do I look like I’m mentally ill?”, he scoffed. Clearly, he did not understand what therapy […]

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Managing Performance Stress

As soon as you set foot on stage, you suddenly feel a rush of overwhelming emotions. Your brain freezes. Time stops. You can feel your hands sweating and your pulse racing. Facing a vast audience can generate feelings of fright that hinder our ability to perform well, perhaps because being the center of attention and […]